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The gods of old, Mythology of the Ancient World: Zeus, Marduk, Ahura Mazda, Horus, and Odin. Beings of incredible power, plotting and moving pawns on the game board that is the earth; crushing humanity between them. Who were they? Primordial beings? Angels in rebellion? That is a picture of Marduk above, by the way.

Let’s start with the Sumerians, their mythology, and their gods, the Anunnaki, “the shining ones”. Who were they? All we can know for sure is that they were worshiped by the Sumerian people. According to the texts, they were the beings that ushered in the rise of the world’s first civilization. They taught the Sumerian People music, the sciences, astronomy, languages (both spoken and written), mathematics, herbology, manipulation of the environment, hybridization of crops, genetic manipulation of livestock, religion, sexual promiscuity, war, mining for resources, jewelry-making, tailoring, blacksmithing, architecture, art, poetry, human sacrifice, and the whole range of “civilized behaviors.”


The Anunnaki Lord, builder of E-Abzu, the temple at Eridu. According to the Sumerian texts: he created the human race; designed animal-human hybrids; and formed a race of super-humans by melding Anunnaki and Human DNA, and then set them in positions of power over the masses. Sound familiar?

It should! Let’s filter this through my imagination.

Enki-Ea was one of the two hundred Watchers who left their first habitat to co-inhabit with the daughters of man. He created a race of super-humans, the Giants from the book of Enoch, as well as the animal-human hybrids mentioned in the Sumerian texts.

The Arch Angels looked down on the earth, at the great amount of blood that had been shed, and heard the cry of humanity. Elohim orders the arrest of these watchers and the Giants kill each other off.

The children of the Giants rise, the Nephilim, and then the Great Flood happens.

Genesis 6:4

(4) The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward—when the sons of God went to the daughters of humans and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.

When Caleb and Joshua, from the bible, investigate the land of Caanan, they come back and tell Moses that there are giants living there, and that they were grass hoppers compared to them.

King David killed Goliath, a giant from a family of giants. “The Nephilim were on the earth in those days—and also afterward”. Were these giants Nephilim? Did the Great Flood wipe out all the Nephilim? Or not?

There are a great many legends concerning Nephilim who escaped the flood. We won’t go into them, suffice it to say that we could pick any of them and find a mythological reason as to why there were Nephilim on the earth after the flood. In Atlantis Rising, I chose to put them in a large city on the moon. Hey…its Fantasy.

After the flood: The Giants are dead, Enki-Ea, and the other Watchers, are bound hand and foot and living in the “outer darkness” (The Abyss). I find it interesting that Enki-Ea is the Lord of the Anunnaki, the creator of the Sumerian super-humans, but he is not the chief god of Babylon. That position goes to Marduk.

The original watchers are in prison and new gods have to rise to fill the vacuum. Worthy of note is that in many of these pantheons, none of the “creator gods” are still in power. The stories differ but they each have their own reason as to the rise of the new pantheon.

I asked myself a question: Where did these mythologies come from?

If Marduk or Zeus, or Ahura Mazda, or any of the others, are fallen angels, they would have stepped into power after the imprisonment of the original Watchers. They would have ruled in the antediluvian world, the power behind the scenes, and then rebuilt their bases of power after the Flood. They would have had the Nephilim as their servants, the vehicle for their power, and then whatever Nephilim survived the Flood to rebuild those bases.

Religion is a vehicle by which a people can be controlled, and each of these “gods” would have had their own preferred story of the creation of the world and their own rise to power.

When we look at the world around us, we find vast networks of ancient monolithic structures, built using massive blocks of stones, and perfectly aligned to each other and to the stars. Built by the Nephilim, using knowledge given to them by these “gods”?

The Atlantis Project gods of old mythology Alignment of monolithic structures

I have no idea, but it sure made for a great story.

This article was written by Jake Parrick.


  • Steven A. Guglich

    I have never heard of Ahura Mazda. What culture believed in him?

    • Jake Parrick

      Ancient Persia. What is interesting, is that Ahura Mazda went to Jamshid (he was one of the Persian mythological kings) and ordered him to build a massive underground city that could hold 2 million people. He ordered Jamshid to bring 2 million of his best people into the city and to hide from some force of destruction.

      I think it might be possible that Ahura Mazda is the Prince of Persia that fights against Michael in the book of Daniel.

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    • Jake Parrick

      Hey Nanoo,

      Thanks for the compliment and I hope you enjoy

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