Jake Parrick Month 1 | An Author’s Journey to Publication

By Author's Club

Hello and welcome. This is the first article in what is going to be a monthly post documenting the things that I’m doing as I work up to my Kickstarter Campaign.

My website is almost complete, I still need to get an author photo taken, and my author services page still needs work. Right now I’m concentrating on getting content up so I can start ranking on google. I knew that I needed to start blogging, easy right? It wasn’t until I sat down to start writing that I realized I had no idea what I was supposed to blog about. I wrote an 800-page Epic Fantasy book with dozens of intertwining plot lines and at least twelve major characters, but I couldn’t string more than three words together for a blog article.

Funny huh?

So I read a great article about building your traffic and it gave me a place to start. The advice? Write about what the people who are going to read your book already read about. So I took that advice, wrote a long list of cool subjects that my future readers might find interesting, then ignored it lol.

I didn’t ignore it on purpose, and it’s not that I don’t find those subjects interesting, it’s just that I personally find other things more interesting.

Yes, I could write an article that ranks the worst Fantasy villains of all time, or give a history lesson on the Sith Empire, and I am not saying that those articles are never going to get written. In fact, there is a good chance that the article about the history of the Sith Empire will get written.

But for now, I’m concentrating on three different categories. I have always been fascinated by Western Civilization so I chose to write a series about the Dynamic Nature of Western Arms | The Rise of Western Preeminence. It’s a subject that I know a lot about and its actually been a pleasure writing it.

Another subject that I chose was a primer on self-publishing, The Authors Club. It probably wasn’t the best subject to write about, but it is a subject that I’m passionate about and it is also something that I have learned a great deal about over the past year. I decided to write on this subject for a couple reasons, the first is what I said above, I’m passionate about it. The second reason is that in my own journey to learn this industry I have come across a great deal of information, a lot of it contradictory. I wanted to provide a place where other Independent Authors could come to find the resources they need. Lastly, this subject has served as a way to keep everything that I learned fresh in my mind and provided a central place to keep all my notes.

The third category I chose is more of a cop-out on my part. To rank on google you need to have content up, lots of content. Book reviews are a very easy way to get original content onto your website. I have literally read thousands of books in my life, so it’s easy to write about it.

That concludes this month’s article, thanks for reading, checkout my new cover :).

This article was written by Jake Parrick