Atlantis Rising cover art by written by Jake Parrick. Artwork by HoangPhuc.

The Seal of Atlantis by HoangPhuc | It was burned into Aiden's right hand when he opened the Seal of the Covenant, given it to him by Ariel—The Prince of Atlantis.


Aiden Locklear—The Emperor of Atlantis—wearing Lightplate, the powered assault armor worn by the Imperial Order of Atlantean Knights. 

A map of Atlantis, Iberia, and North Africa circa 2156 B.C. by MistyBeee

The Guardians of Atlantis by HoangPhuc | This picture shows the Guardians of Atlantis standing at the entrance through the Rim Wall. 

Legionary Art by HoangPhuc | Soldier of Atlantis wearing the Legionary Armor System. 


Sravkiss Art by HoangPhuc | Artorius Locklear fighting Babylonian Sravkiss.


The Art of The Atlantis Project by Jake Parrick

When I first started writing The Atlantis Project, I never thought that I would end up with such amazing artwork. HoangPhuc is such a gifted artist and I’m blessed indeed that I found him and have been able to work with him.

There are some authors who would say that having literal artwork from a book is a bad thing. I understand where they are coming from and even agree with them to a certain point. An author should leave it up to the reader to form the images from the book in their own minds. That said, a picture truly is worth a thousand words and the image of Aiden wearing his Lightplate is probably worth ten-thousand words.

It is my intention to continue commissioning artwork from HoangPhuc, to show a few select scenes from the book. Most of the art that I want to show will probably have to wait until after I run a successful Kickstarter. In the meantime, I hope that you enjoy the art and that it improves your experience as a reader.


The armor that Aiden is wearing in the cover art is called Lightplate, this is the powered assault armor worn by all members of the Imperial Order of Atlantean Knights. The three gold plates on both arms show his rank as a Master of the Order and a sitting member on the Council. The gold crest on his helm is a symbol of his position as the head of the Imperial Government. If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book!

The Map of Atlantis

As many Fantasy authors could probably tell you, it can be difficult to build a map that is actually accurate to the book. The first artist I went to tried unsuccessfully to reproduce a scale version of the map that fits into the story of The Atlantis Project. That was when I found MistyBeee on Fiverr. She is also an artist but more importantly, is also a Cartographer. She was able to take all the data from the book and create a map that accurately depicts the geographical facts of the book.


This Article was written by Jake Parrick