Atlantis Rising by Jake Parrick | Limited Edition Pre-Sale

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Hello my friends and welcome to my pre-sale.The Atlantis Project: Atlantis Rising Cover Art, written by Jake Parrick. Aiden Locklear wearing Powered Assault Armor, worn by the Atlantean Knights, Lightbearers. Lightplate is powered assault armor and makes the wearer faster and stronger. The armored knight wears the hilt of his Lightblade is on his hip. Knight Armor. Epic Fantasy Series Book One of the Lightbearer Archive. The helm and mask are worn by all Lightbearers. The mask, crest, and cloak are all symbolic. Epic Fantasy Armor.

As many of you know, I’m working up to the publication of ‘Atlantis Rising’, the first book of The Atlantis Project. This entire process has been a giant learning challenge and has forced me to stretch in ways that were uncomfortable. I’m not an artist and never thought I would ever write a book. But when you have a story burning inside, you either release it or burn with it. I couldn’t have done it without Micah, whose loving support and patience allowed me to spend countless hours sitting at my laptop making stuff up.

So, why am I writing this post?

I keep inching closer and closer to the final goal—the publication of my first book, and I’m pleased to announce that I will be running a limited edition, pre-Kickstarter paperback Pre-Sale. There will only be 250 copies in this print run and they will be numbered and signed, and the buyers of these (my first backers) will have their names printed in the back of the book as a remembrance.

These copies are being sold to raise funding for the publication of Atlantis Rising and I can’t thank you all enough for your support. So get yours before they are all gone!

*Note: These copies will not be shipped until the book is published.

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*Note: The presale for paperbacks is over. eBooks are still available though.


This article was written by Jake Parrick.