Atlantis Rising

Atlantis Rising by Jake Parrick | Book One of The Atlantis Project

An ancient evil rises, conspiracies, and old scores rise to the surface.

Angels plot and use mortal hands to accomplish their ambitions; all the while humanity is crushed between them.

“When Azael and Samyaza led the watchers of the Sixth Tower of the Air into co-inhabitation with the daughters of man it created shockwaves throughout creation. Such a breach of Celestial Law had been considered inconceivable, to pollute the genome in such a way…”

“From the union of the two hundred fallen Malik’s came two hundred Titans. Creatures of such vast power that no mortal could stand against them. Devastation stalked in their wake and from them came deviations to the natural order of things. There is great power to be had in the sacrifice of innocent blood and they created powerful sorceries in the consumption of human flesh”


Odin and Marduk battle for supremacy on earth. Who will triumph?


The Seal of Atlantis. It was burned into Aiden's right hand when he opened the Seal of the Covenant, given it to him by Ariel—The Prince of Atlantis.

The Nephilim wait restlessly,  they hunger for the power that was once theirs.  


“When the plight of creation grew so unbearable a great cry went up to heaven. Michael and Gabriel, Raphael, Suryal, Metatron and Uriel, looked down from heaven, and saw the quantity of blood which was shed on earth, and all the iniquity which was done upon it, and Raphael said, ‘It is the voice of their cries’. They went before the throne of Elohim and pleaded with the Most High. Elohim burned in righteous anger and turned to Raphael.

“Go now and bind Azael and his servants, those Malik’s who left their first habitation to co-inhabit with the Daughters of Man. Bind them hand and foot and cast them into outer darkness, to be bound in the Abyss until the Day of Judgment”.

The Angelic hosts of Heaven wage a relentless war against the principalities of darkness. 

And now Atlantis rises, to tear down the Principalities, to force balance on a world that tips and totters depending on which Prince is the strongest. Will the incursion on their domains force Marduk and Odin to put aside their differences? Atlantis Rising defies the genre of fantasy and asks questions of all we know about the world around us. What happened in those ancient days that forms the world we live in now?

Aiden Locklear is a former Navy SEAL, set on his path by forces that he cannot even begin to understand.

He is the founder of The Atlantis Project, a group of men and women who become bound to a task of great importance: to travel backwards in time and build Atlantis.

World War III is raging, nations collapse into anarchy, destruction and devastation stalk the land.  

The first nuclear warheads detonate and the members of The Atlantis Project flee through a portal, leaving a world destroyed by fire, finding themselves in a world where all has been washed away by thrashing waves. 

The Great Flood has just ended, the waters recede, and they must now survive, to build, to prepare, all in a world where the rules of civilization have yet to form. 

Angels and Fallen Angels fight for control of the earth, each have their servants, pawns on a board. 

Lucifer, the Morning Star, and his Princes: Marduk, Ahura Mazda, Zeus, and Odin; they prepared for the destruction of earth. A remnant of the Nephilim, creatures born of an unholy union between the Sons of God and the Daughters of Men, have found refuge on the moon. They wait impatiently for the day of their return. 

How will the members of The Atlantis Project fair?