Aiden Locklear was a man like any other...until he wasn’t. The founder of The Atlantis Project and thrust into a world where there are no rules. A world devastated by a worldwide flood. A world where the gods of old walk the land. Will a life lived in the modern world be a handicap when brought to a world where brutality and violence rule?

Nimrod Rises in the East

A man driven by ambition, pushed by his god. He tries to bring order to a chaotic world, bound to an ancient being whose own motives run contrary to those of Nimrod. Time runs down for the men of Babylon as they push an agenda they cannot possibly understand.

Marduk—The Prince of Babylon

An ancient being, who watched the foundations of the deep laid and was present at Creation. He requires mortal hands to carry out his will. His own creatures, the Nephilim, are bound to their refuge on Luna, held until humanity has prepared the way. Will Nimrod fill the vacuum of power? Will Nimrod's hands be enough to carry out his will on Earth?

The Forging of an Empire

The members of The Atlantis Project, men and women ripped from their space and their time, and dropped into a world that they can scarcely even begin to understand. Having left one world that was burned to ash, to arrive in a new world destroyed under crashing waves. They must first survive, and then race against time to prepare for the darkness that is coming. How can mere mortals face the united power of the Princes and their dark servants?

The King in the North

Javan, the son of Japheth, the son of Noah, and the father of Troy. An honorable man, bound to the laws of Odin—the Allfather. Javan is a protector, seeking only the safety of his kin. A lifelong friend with Aiden and an ally of Atlantis. When his sense of honor conflicts with the will of his god...will Javan bend or break?

Odin—The Prince of Asgard

A warrior god and an angel of great power who fell long ago. Odin respects honor and bravery; all men, as long as they be true of heart, and strong of mind, will find a place in Valhalla. Unlike the other Princes, he sees value in humanity, to him they are more than just cattle. As tensions rise between the principalities of Asgard and Babylon, will Odin bring the wars of the Mortal Plane to the high places of Tartarus?

And Elohim said,

"Vengeance is mine and I will pour out my wrath on the wicked...but sometimes I subcontract."

Jake Parrick Author of the Atlantis Project Atlantis Rising The Lightbearer Archive

The Author

When you have a story burning inside—begging to be released, you either release it or burn with it.

My name is Jake Parrick and I’m an independent author from Whidbey Island in Washington. From a young age I have consumed book after book: history, historical fiction, science fiction, fantasy, and westerns.

Over my life I have swayed between an addiction to video games and my addiction to reading books, these last months have been dedicated to my new addiction for writing. Writing The Atlantis Project has been an incredible experience and I’m looking forward to completing the series.

Being an independent author is a lot of work, but it's incredibly rewarding. It has been one of the most challenging things I have ever done.

I want to thank everyone who has stood beside me during this project. My wife, Micah, has been a solid rock, both in her support and her patience. I've had jobs before that required long North Dakota I worked a schedule that required fourteen, twelve hour days with seven days off in-between cycles.

Those hours don't even compare to the hours that I've worked on this project, hours that many authors work on their projects, and it wouldn't have been possible without the support and understanding that my wife has given me.

My author page has more information and my blog has resources for other independent authors as well as articles about some of my favorite subjects.

Jake Parrick

And now Atlantis rises, to tear down the Principalities, to force balance on a world that tips and totters depending on which Prince is the strongest. Will the incursion on their domains force Marduk and Odin to put aside their differences? Atlantis Rising defies the genre of fantasy and asks questions of all we know about the world around us. What happened in those ancient days that forms the world we live in now?