The Atlantis Project: Atlantis Rising Cover Art, written by Jake Parrick. Aiden Locklear wearing Powered Assault Armor, worn by the Atlantean Knights, Lightbearers. Lightplate is powered assault armor and makes the wearer faster and stronger. The armored knight wears the hilt of his Lightblade is on his hip. Knight Armor. Epic Fantasy Series Book One of the Lightbearer Archive. The helm and mask are worn by all Lightbearers. The mask, crest, and cloak are all symbolic. Epic Fantasy Armor.
The Atlantis Project: Atlantis Rising. Artorius Locklear—a master in the Imperial Knights of Atlantis—wearing Lightplate, the powered assault armor worn by the Imperial Order of Atlantean Knights. Artorius Locklear is fighting two Sravkiss—members of the Babylonian Cult of Marduk. Sravkiss are men who are reshaped using satanic alchemy. Lizard People. Lizard men. Monsters. Scales. Powered Assault Armor. Knight Armor. Jedi. Sith. Dragons. Babylon. Fantasy Artwork. New Fantasy Book.The Atlantis Project Series Atlantis Rising by Jake Parrick. The Seal of Atlantis. It is a mirrored tree, growing up and down, with interconnecting branches forming a circle, it is a symbol of balance. The Eagle is a symbol of strength. The Eagle is holding a Lightblade, an angelic swrod, as a symbol of justice and wrath, the shield is a symbol of Atlantis' position as a protector of the weak. Epic Fantasy Series Book One of the Lightbearer Archive.The Atlantis Project Series by Jake Parrick The Guardians of Atlantis. The Guardians are statues and wear Lightplate and stand at the entrance through the Rim Wall. Written by Jake ParrickA Map of Atlantis Circa 2156 BC | The Atlantis Project: Atlantis Rising by Jake Parrick.The Atlantis Project Series Atlantis Rising by Jake Parrick Map of Atlantis. The City of Atlantis is on the eastern coast. Epic Fantasy Book One of the Lightbearer Archive.

The Atlantis Project: Atlantis Rising Limited Edition Pre-Sale (eBook)


The members of The Atlantis Project are ripped from their dying world as the mushroom clouds rise. They are pushed thousands of years into the past, into a world devastated by thrashing waves rather than the fires of nuclear war.

The gods of old walk the earth, bickering amongst themselves, crushing humanity. Their servants, the Nephilim, wait for the time when they can return, to reclaim the earth and its inhabitants.

The leader of The Atlantis Project, Aiden Locklear, a former Navy SEAL, must learn to survive in this world, to lead his friends and family as the horizon darkens. To become the Bringer of Balance, he will need to set aside the old world and embrace the new one; because the Princes of Darkness are uniting against him and he doesn’t have much time.

These modern Americans must unite and put aside their differences, this new world is more dangerous than they could possibly imagine.

Product Description

Hello my friends, I want to thank you for coming and participating in the pre-sale of Atlantis Rising.

The funds from this sale will be used over the next four months as I build up to and then execute a Kickstarter Campaign, which will be followed by the publication of Atlantis Rising. Publishing a successful book in today’s market is expensive and I can not begin to tell you how much your support means to me.

The eBook will be emailed, Fall of 2017, in multiple formats so you can read it on your device of choice. In thanks for your support, you will receive your copy of Atlantis Rising before it is actually published.