The Dynamic Nature of Western Arms | The Principles of Western Civilization P2

The Atlantis Project by jake Parrick | An aircraft carrier is the pinnacle of Western Power and the free landowning citizen

In the last article, The Principles of Western Civilization P1, we covered Capitalism, Consensual Government, and Decisive Shock Warfare. In Part Two, we are going to talk about the Free Landowning Citizen.

Free Landowning Citizen

This term, Free Landowning Citizen, forms the core of what makes a nation “Western”. It relies upon a consensual government, but without it there is no capitalism and no decisive shock warfare.

Freedom from governmental oppression, the ability to own property, and the idea of citizenship all come together to form this term. Capitalism simply cannot exist without it. A free market economy requires that there be a right to own property and that there to be a legal system in place that protects the ownership of this property. “Citizen” is a term that represent that system of laws which protects one’s ability and right to own property, free from the fear of unlawful seizure.

Decisive Shock Warfare is a term that is complex and can have varied meanings. It is the concept that an army exists as an extension of a nation-states political will; it is a societies ability to institutionalize warfare; and it represents a style of warfare that relies upon a base of free landowning citizens to fill the ranks. Only a free citizen can agree to a legal contract of service, if a person is not free then there is no mode by which they can consensually agree to a period of service.

In warfare, a nation that has the principle of decisive shock warfare can enter into a state of unlimited warfare, or a “nation at arms”. That term “unlimited warfare”, in this context, does not represent a nations decision to wage war in a manner without rules; rather is a term that represents a nations ability enter into a “nation at arms”.

This is something that we can view through the perfect lens of hindsight throughout history. It is the state that the Roman Republic entered during the Second Punic War; when Hannibal was able to successfully destroy one Roman Army after another, only to be met with a new army at every turn.


The raw power that can be found in a society that has a base of free land owning citizens cannot be understated. While it relies upon a consensual government, it is the foundation for a nation-states economic power, as well as a that nation’s ability to effectively wage war. As Cicero stated, “The sinews of war are infinite money,” Capitalism, which relies upon the free landowning citizen, is the route to infinite money.

In the next article we will cover A Rational Approach to Science.

This article was written by Jake Parrick